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Why Clean Your Roof? (did you even know it was possible?)

It may just be your house… or it may be the whole neighborhood.  Look around… roofs covered in black streaks. Let’s face it, it’s ugly. Some people don’t even notice as it happens gradually and at the same rate as the homes near yours. Yet other people have noticed the growing problem but don’t think there is anything that can be done. Maybe they have called their roofer but were told that they would need to replace the entire room to get rid of the problem… so they have just let it sit… ugly… delaying a roof replacement… trying to get their value out of their expensive investment.

So what is really going on? Well, what looks OLD might just be MOLD! 

In many cases, what appears to be an OLD roof at the end of its life is really just a MIDDLE AGED roof covered in algae, mold, and debris that is covering up a perfectly functional roof that does NOT require replacement. Before you spend many thousands of $$$ on a new roof, allow our team of professionally trained, certified, and experienced technicians to offer a FREE on-site estimate.

Why Does This Happen?

Stained roofs have become a dilemma in our area because of 2 main reasons:

1) Local weather

2) Modern building materials

We have super humid summers as well as areas on the roof that never get sun due to shade trees.  Because of these and other factors unique to our climate algae, mold, and mildew are able to grow and thrive on these areas of the roof.  Those black streaks you see up on your roof are essentially living plants!  They may start in just a small area and eventually grow into ugly dark streaks, and ultimately take over the roof.  Sometimes you can’t even tell the original color of the roof when these plants have completely taken over.  

Why is it such a problem now more than ever?  The roofing material industry has changed. In the last few decades asphalt shingle manufacturers have changed the makeup and construction of the shingles. Newer roofing materials have less petroleum products in them, more materials (like fiberglass) that retain moisture as they age, and more limestone (organic material) inside of them which the plants just love to feed on!  This combined with our local weather profile makes for ideal conditions for the streaked roof epidemic we see in our area. If a subdivision is 10 to 20 years old then you will notice that the vast majority of homes have this problem. Because of this many people are replacing their roofs every 10-15 years not even realizing that there is a different option for improving the appearance of the roof than costly replacement.  

Why Choose Us?

You will be surprised how affordable it really is to keep your roof looking its best!   Roof washing typically costs approximately 5%-8% of roof replacement. When you choose to have your roof cleaned by Sherlock Roof Cleaning we always ensure our projects are carried out within ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association)  guidelines, and with modern professional equipment and care using soft wash (which means NO pressure washing) cleaning methods that will not result in damage to your home. An asphalt roof shingle is manufactured to last 20,30 or more years.  With our soft wash method of roof cleaning you can extend the life of your roof and be able to enjoy its beauty and original color for its entire expected lifespan.  We stand behind our work and will return when necessary to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the job we performed. We are convinced that the visual results will be so dramatic that you’ll want to share the WOW! factor with your family and friends, and our hope is that your neighbors will arrange for the same service on their home as well. We will schedule the project at a convenient time for you and your family so that the routine in your home can be as uninterrupted as possible.  The majority of our projects are completed in less than half a day by carefully screened and trained employees that care about your home and our company’s reputation.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.  

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