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Sherlock Roof Cleaning understands the heavy responsibility that homeowners associations have when seeking to maintain their properties.  Townhome, subdivision, and apartment complex’s club facilities, pool and recreation areas, driveways and sidewalks as well as entrance areas really reflect on the attractiveness of a neighborhood and can truly affect property value.

While many companies avoid working with homeowners associations due to strict regulations and conflict among board members, Sherlock Roof Cleaning welcomes the opportunity to present our services at your next board meeting because we understand that Home Owner Association volunteers care the most about how their properties look. We know that property managers and HOA board members have a lot on their plate, so we like to make their life easier by providing regularly scheduled service on an agreed upon time-table such as annual or bi-annual cleanings. We will work with you to design and schedule a plan that will fit within the association’s budget and keep the property looking its best. The initial inspection will identify current and future cleaning and repair needs, with a comprehensive inspection report (including photos).  Property managers receive trusted professional assistance to simplify budgeting projections and project staging. We send reputable carefully screened employees to each job site.  Your residents will be pleased at our quick completion time on these exterior projects and they will thank you for working with Sherlock Roof Cleaning!

IMPORTANT TO KNOW… Black roof streaks are symptoms of naturally occurring organisms, including blue-green algae and lichen that feed on components in shingle material.  This compromises the appearance of the property, and if left untreated can result in the loss of up to 50% of the roof’s intended service life. 

Being proactive will save the community the added expense of premature roof replacement. 


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