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A clean, well-maintained building makes an impression even before your visitors step inside. Sherlock Roof Cleaning can make your building, and your company, look more professional with our powerful and effective soft-chemical building wash. Safe for all commercial building exteriors and industrial structures, our building wash services create a lasting, positive impression. Tenants and visitors deserve well-maintained, immaculate spaces and we work closely alongside commercial property owners to finish jobs quickly and professionally.

A powerful soft wash: tough on the job. Easy on your surroundings.

Our soft wash chemicals eliminate harmful algae, mold, mildew, lichens and other biological growths that embed themselves in your building. Just as importantly, the chemistry is eco-friendly to protect shrubs, plants and the surface substrates of your building itself. We follow our soft wash with a low pressure rinse that removes the broken down biological growth from the soft wash chemical. This proven approach to building cleaning delivers long-lasting, guaranteed results.

Soft cleaning vs high-pressure washing.

You may be surprised to learn that Sherlock Roof Cleaning does not only offer conventional high pressure washing services. The reason is simple. High pressure building washing typically uses 3500 to 4000 psi (Pounds per square inch) of pressure. This force can actually etch the surface of your building and expose it to moisture damage. Our effective soft cleaning method uses a low 400 psi rinse to help protect your building. Don’t get us wrong! High pressure has its place… like concrete sidewalks and parking lots… but a soft wash has powerful results!

Easy on people, too.

Sherlock Roof Cleaning can soft clean your building with minimal interruption to your daily operation. This may require that we work at night or on weekends. Our special building cleaning process is more than five times faster than traditional power washing, with minimal interference to your client or employees.

See us in action. Free demo.

Before we accept any job, we evaluate your structure or building and demonstrate our complete building soft cleaning process at no cost or obligation. This shows us what it will take to clean your building. Even more importantly, it will show you exactly what you can expect from our building cleaning services. We are also properly trained and certified.  You can be confident that the methods we use are carried out within manufacturer’s guidelines and will leave your existing warranties intact.  We can also determine the method that will cause the least amount of disruption for your commercial space. 

To seal and protect your investment.

It is often a good practice to seal your building or structure after our low pressure cleaning service. This reduces water absorption and extends the newly-cleaned look of the surface for an extended period of time. Our sealants are formulated to improve the appearance of your building, waterproof it and protect your investment.

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